How It Works

A Simple Guide to Using the No-Brainer Planter™

For gardeners unfamiliar with self-watering, it is a process that allows plants to absorb water as they need it. This eliminates over- and under-watering of plants and the forming of powdery mildew that creates a hospitable environment for pests.

A No-Brainer Guide to the No-Brainer Planter™ Insert

1) Drill a hole in the side of the 5-gallon container, 4.5 inches from the bottom.

2) Place your No-Brainer Planter™ in the container, and insert the watering tube into the hole on the flat part of the No-Brainer Planter™.

3) Align the watering tube with the hole in the side of the container.

4) Fill the container to the rim with potting soil.

5) Place your plant(s) in the center of the container, deep enough to cover the root system.

6) Water your plant(s) and soil well. Be sure to saturate the soil before covering.

7) Add water through the watering tube until water flows from the overflow hole on the side.

8) Continue to add water as needed when the reservoir runs low. Every 30 days, dilute your fertilizer in water and add it to the reservoir through the watering tube, or pour it on top.

What You’ll Need When You Buy the Insert

1) 5-Gallon Bucket Container (Available at home improvement stores)

2) No-Brainer Planter™ Insert

3) Watering Tube

4) Power Drill with ½” Drill Bit

5) Potting Soil (Container soil should be light and fluffy)

6) Young Plant of Your Choice

7) Plant Fertilizer

8) Stake or Cage (If growing a tomato plant)

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Instructions - No-Brainer Planter™ Insert

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